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By Hugo Bravo 8 years ago
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“Fünf Steine (Five Stones)” Detail close up.

See the full painting and the creative process in VISION ILLUSTRATED  v.1

Volkan Baga 2Volkan uses classic figurative methods to depict the impossible people and scenes of science fiction and fantasy. Upon visiting his website, I was impressed by the variety of projects he’s worked on and his success as an artist for “Magic The Gathering”. Baga‘s works have been published in numerous international books, magazines and other publications, such as Spectrum and Art Renewal Center Catalog. Furthermore art specialty magazines such as ‘Novum’, ‘Art Scene International’ or ‘Der Kunsthandel’. Vision Illustrated welcomes Volkan Baga and his creative process.

Fünf Steine (Five Stones)

Oil on panel 23.6” x 29.5”

Learn more about Volkan Baga and view samples of his work at www.volkanbaga.de

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