About The Book


Every time I looked at art showcase annual or compilation books I wondered, how did the artists do it?  What were the steps taken to achieve such high quality work?
Page after page of amazing work, yet there was no insight as to how it was done.  I created Vision Illustrated from my desire as an illustrator to have a book that would show me the creative process behind these masterpieces.
Vision Illustrated prides itself on being different. This is not a “how to book”, it’s a visual showcase that serves as an extension of each artist.  The result is a unique art compilation book that promises to be an annual publication featuring the creative process for the best in fantastic fantasy, sci-fi, comic, concept art and a multitude of other art genres.
As an illustrator I have a passion for the arts and I want to make sure that I represent and promote these artists with the best book possible while offering something extra for the reader as compared to other art showcase annual and compilation books.     – Hugo Bravo

High Quality Design

Available in print and Kindle formats.  Coming soon “special edition iBook” will features exclusive video interviews of the artists sharing their creative process and professional career insight.

Artists’ Info

All artwork is presented on a two page spread. The left page features the finished art work and the right page features creative process images, artist’s name, title of the art work, the medium used to create it and artist’s website.

About The Author

Hug Bravo Head Shot 3

Hugo Bravo has been a freelance Illustrator since 1992. He received his education as an oil painter at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  After graduating, Hugo then immersed himself in the inspired and varied art scene. Formative years in the early 90’s were spent as a member of the artist collective SOL Concepts participating in group art exhibits, while working for the independent film industry as storyboard artist, scenic artist and art director.
Hugo balances modern concepts with classical realism in his paintings. His subject matter revolves around the human figure interlaced with personal experiences, dreams, and movie inspirations.
His influences and inspirations encompass fellow artists, visits to the local comic and book stores as well as museums – including the Met, Prado and Louvre. 
Hugo’s work spans a variety of genres, including novels, comics, film, advertising and portraits.  He most recent work includes cover art for all three of the “Redeem The Knight” novel series for author David V. Mammina.  His original oil paintings have been exhibited at events such as Illuxcon, New York Comic Con, Philadelphia Comic Con and private galleries and collections. 
Hugo lives in New York City currently working as both a freelance illustrator and graphic designer of licensed tee shirts.