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By Hugo Bravo 10 years ago
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“Frazetta Tribute” Detail close up.

See the full painting and the creative process in VISION ILLUSTRATED  v.1

Jorge Farfan 2Jorge Farfán is a professional illustrator with over 20 years of experience working in comics, books, movies and advertising.  He has partnered with many top companies creating art for trading cards, book covers, posters, concept art, storyboards, clothing and packaging. As one of the founders of the Facebook page “The Frank Frazetta Round Table” Jorge gives back to the art community by providing a site for artists to learn and be inspired. Vision Illustrated welcomes Jorge Farfán to the first edition of Vision Illustrated.

Frazetta Tribute

Oil on coldpress illustration board 15″x20″

Learn more about Jorge Farfán and view samples of his work at

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