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By Hugo Bravo 9 years ago
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“Scholar – Robinson Crusoe” Detail close up.

See the full painting and the creative process in VISION ILLUSTRATED  v.1

Donato Giancola 2Donato is among the top science fiction and fantasy illustrators in the industry.  Just looking at his work you get a sense of his passion and attention to detail.  I’ve been an admirer of his work for a long time and fortunate to have met him in various shows and studio openings. Donato gives back to the art community by teaching and lecturing at various institutions and events. He’s produced two step by step process dvd’s and now his creative process can be seen here. I am delighted to have Donato in the first edition of Vision Illustrated.

Scholar – Robinson Crusoe

Oil on panel  36″x48″

Portrait photo by: Greg Preston

Learn more about Donato Giancola and view samples of his work at

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