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Fantastic Art and the Creative Process.
Witness the brilliance from the beginning thumbnail to the final painting behind the fantastic art from today’s top illustrators. VISION ILLUSTRATED is the industry’s first annual art book celebrating the creative process of artists worldwide.
VISION ILLUSTRATED is the definitive reference for any and all interested in fantastic art and how it was created.  This premiere volume is a book not to be missed.
The Creative Process
See how it’s done.
Each yearly volume of VISION ILLUSTRATED will reveal the artist’s creative process through the use of thumbnails, final drawings, color roughs and photo reference (including a wealth of never before published art).



Don Maitz Sinbad to Windward

Ruff Sketches

Ruff Sketch

Steve Ferris Eowyn

Photo Reference

Photo Reference

Mike Sass Eowyn and the Witch-King of Angmar

Final Drawings

Final Drawing

Donato Giancola Prometheus

Color Roughs

Color Ruff

Patrick Jones Blood Temple

Final Art

Final Art

Lindsey Look Dread Curse Captain

Amazing art on every page

An epic art book with illustrations by 29 amazing artists who have worked for Fantasy Flight Games, Realms of Fantasy, Lucas Arts, DC Comics, Wizards of the Coast, Magic The Gathering, Tor Books and other giants of the publishing, entertainment and gaming industries.

A unique collection of talent

This international showcase features amazing works by such great artists as Donato Giancola, Patrick Jones, Lindsey Look, Vanessa Lemen, Annie Stegg, Sanjulian, Jorge Farfán, Jeff Miracola, and many others.

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